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You don't have to change the world to be a game changer. Learn simple ways to move from bystander to ally whether you're a friend, colleague or managing partner. Gain an understanding of what it means to have cultural competence and be  part of the solution, not on the sidelines.

women in law

Women lawyers face unique hurdles to law firm success, in one of the least diverse professions in the country. But knowledge is power and armed with the latest data and training insights, participants will learn best practices to transcend the statistics.

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Manifest and cultivate your UVP: Unique Value Proposition. No more imposter syndrome; no need to lean in. This is a workshop that builds personal and professional empowerment through self-actualization, GRIT, and resilience training.

Choose from one of the above themes; work with Liane to create a custom workshop; or select from additional subject matter expertise below.

Virtual or in-person presentations available:

Girl, Interrupted

For women, and paricularly mothers: Learn effective strategies to deal with work + life stressors, pandemic pressures, caretaking and other challenges that place unique psychological and physical constraints on women professionals.


Workshops for a broader audience where participants will learn not only what it means to be antiracist, but how to proactively break down barriers and create an inclusive workplace environment. This means stepping out of the comfort zone and utilizing metrics and data insights. 

Implicit Bias

Impactful personal assessments and resources to help participants identify blind spots in our interactions with, and perceptions of , "others". Actionable takeaways on confronting and overcoming bias through new and proven techniques.

Perhaps your organization has unique needs and goals to advance the diversity and equity direction of individuals or your team. Reach out for a customized program tailored to fit your needs.

Virtual or in-person presentations where attendees will leave with:

  • Clarity and depth of understanding

  • Actionable steps

**Individual and small group personal coaching sessions also available**

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